Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's day... or Σ'αγαπώ :)

Hello all,

You know... hmmm... of course you know :) It's VALENTINE's Day!!!

Of course not all believe in a commercial celebration like this one but it's a good chance for all of you to learn how to show or express your love in greek...

So... who knows how you can say I LOVE YOU in greek???

Of course the right answer is Σ'ΑΓΑΠΑΩ!!! (S'AGAPO) :)

A new track that it's easy to remember and follow up it's lyrics is Σ'αγαπώ (S'agapo) performed by Michalis Chatzigiannis a really famous greek singer that you need to add in your knowledge in case that someone will asko you to name a famous greek singer!

Enough said... let's enjoy the track!

Your! StayInAthens

BHMagazino talks for StayInAthens…

Hello all,

We are in the happy position to inform you that BHMA, one of the largest greek newspapers, has published a great article for our company in its weekly magazine BHMagazino!

It was a great honor for us to share our knowledge and experience so far and it’s a great opportunity for us to thank you for all your support, love and comments that are helping us to improve ourselves even more everyday!

So, if you want to find the article on line just click:
you can read the article written by Georgia Misemike.

Your! StayInAthens

Notice: The article is available in greek only.