We are not the new kids on the block!

We have been providing accommodation for over 7 years on voluntary basis. We have been exchanged so many times, around the world (Spain, France, USA, India, Iceland just to name a few), that it became natural to us to take care of the people who visit us in our home.

Thanks to the very first Accommodation Team at A.U.E.B. founded by the current members of StayInAthens and alumni of ESN Athens AUEB - at this point we want to pay honour to Cleo, honourable member of StayInAthens, Cleo is the soul of Erasmus community in Athens and the person who started the first accommodation team back in 2000 - the number of incoming student have tripled over the last 5 years. We have excellent relations with house owners and excellent cooperation with the International Relations Offices of several institutions.

So why change ? Because we reached a size - just by word of mouth - that we had continually more people asking us to help them, but we just could not. We were just volunteers with limited resources. So only one solution could solve the problem.

Two university students who were active volunteers in ESN Athens AUEB conceived the creation of back in 2005. These people were seriously engaged with student accommodation issues after experiencing all the difficulties of this process started by their own Erasmus experience. 
We decided to form a company, so that our passion could become our full time activity but we did not want to loose our spirit of contributing... So we designed a business plan that minimizes the expenses for the person that comes to Athens and on other hand maximizes the benefits he enjoys.

The aim of StayInAthens is to help international students find the best accommodation available, in short time and with the minimum effort. We provide a fully accessible database where students can retrieve detailed descriptions of properties that match their exact requirements.

StayInAthens provides students with the best-informed choice when selecting student housing. The company manages this by providing as much detail about apartments as well as about the background of landlords in student rental experience.