Tuesday, 18 December 2012

#TrackGR - The greek track of the week #1

Hello all,

Today we are going to present you one of the most played and famous greek tracks of 2012... because this is our way to introduce you more more into the greek reality that you are living each day in Athens.

So, let's GO!!! Click play on the YouTube video below and let us give you some information about the song that you have heard many times during your stay.

The track is called "Pio psila" (gr: "Πιο ψηλά", meaning "Higher") and performed by VEGAS band. VEGAS is a quit new greek group formed in 2008 and consists of three members: vocalists ZeRaw and Melina, and DJ Airth on the consoles. The reason that the song became so famous in Greece is basically the catchy sound and the optimist romantic lyrics.

Just to have a clue, the lyrics of the chorus in a free translation are going like this... "You are what I was looking for, every chance that I had to fall in love with someone, gimme your hand and feel my heart beating... I love you... make me go higher, come closer, hold my tight and kiss me to unlock my heart... kiss me because something new is about to start... kiss me... kiss me... kiss me..."

We hope that now you can enjoy even more the song during your Christmas holidays!

Have a great rainy day,
Your! StayInAthens Team

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